Do cats know when you’re sick?

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There’s always a bunch of scientists researching about cats. Despite ongoing research, there is still so much that eludes us about cats. To an extent, it almost feels like there is a sense of mystery surrounding these magical creatures. It’s safe to say that research studies haven’t entirely been able to pin-point why cats exhibit certain behaviors. They’re different from dogs in that sense.

The give-away is the easy to read facial expressions on your dog’s face and his activity level or lack thereof. You can’t say the same about cats.

I guess that’s the reason you’ll find a lot more cat owners (vs dog owners) asking the question: How can my cat tell if I’m sick.

Okay. First of all, I KNOW first-hand that cats can sense illness in a person. It’s interesting, so read on to find out why I believe in that theory.

How do cats know when you’re sick?

Picture this. You have a co-worker, Adam. So, you’ve known Adam for almost 2 years. He is a happy go lucky guy who’s always in a cheerful mood. And all of a sudden one day without even talking to him, you find him all grumpy. Wait. How did you know that without even talking to them?

Actually, it’s quite simple. By perceiving a disruption in their energy level. Don’t roll your eyes yet, let me explain.

At the grass root level, we are all nothing but energy; and all of us have the innate ability to sense if there is a drop in that energy. Similarly, cats can sense a shift in our energy field. We are low on energy when we’re sick. Sick people smell, act and behave differently. Cats simply can’t help but notice that un-usual change in energy level when you fall sick. It’s fascinating how cats sense illness or death in a person.

Why does my cat stay close to me when I’m ill?

Cats are natural healers. As a member of the family, they assume the responsibility of nursing you back to good health.  They do that by snuggling up next to you when you’re sick and balance you back to wellness. They follow you to the bathroom, escort you back to bed, groom you and often sleep on the part of your body that needs healing from hurt or pain. Research studies have found cats’ purring may lead to improvement in bone density and promote general healing.  

Jump online and ask why does my cat sleep on me when I’m sick?

You will find numerous stories of cat owners confirming this. Here is what our cat does, whenever we fall sick, our cat who normally wont sleep with us is cuddled up in bed till we are completely healed. 


It doesn’t take your cat much effort to know when you’re sick. In fact, you will never be able to hide your sickness from your cat. They will find you, and they will heal you! 🙂

Thanks for sharing. You're pawsome!

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