How to be a good cat parent

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When I got my fur baby home, I was so worried if I was doing it right. Every day I learnt something new about her. Spending time and observing your cat will really help you understand their likes and dislikes. Here are some basic guidelines to make sure your cat is happy, healthy and comfortable.

Eliminate Plastic Bowls

Cats can be allergic to plastic. Eating or drinking out of plastic bowls can be very harmful for them. Plastic contains a chemical known as BPA (Bisphenol A) which  along with other chemicals can seep into your kitty’s food. This can make your kitty sick overtime.

Use wide steel, glass or ceramic bowls. They are much more hygienic and have no chemicals. My cat drinks water only from glass bowls and insists on drinking from my glass too.

Bowl Size

Is your cat a picky eater? Maybe he just doesn’t like the bowl. I recommend using 8-inch-wide bowls with a good deep curve on the side as they can comfortably drink and eat without having to worry about their whiskers. Small bowls tend to cause their whiskers to bend and they will eventually avoid drinking or eating from it.


Now that we have our bowls lets take a look at how often you should change their water. We insist that you change your kitty cats’ water every day. Most cats don’t drink enough water which could cause serious health issues. Giving them fresh water every day in a clean bowl may solve your problem.

Pro- tip: Place the bowl in front of your cat and pour fresh water in front of them. They won’t be able to resist and will surely have some.

Pro-Tip 2: Add some water in their wet food and mix well. Make sure you keep the food bowl slightly away from the water bowl. Cat’s don’t like it when their food and water are right next to each other.


Cats are picky eaters. Each cat has its own likes and dislikes but it is important to know what ingredients are present in your cat’s favourite food and treats. Their food should contain a good amount of meat and a smaller number of carbs & greens. Avoid fish that is high in mercury and phosphorus. 

Watch out as some creamy and dry treats have additives and harmful ingredients. Check and compare ingredients of different dry/wet food brands available in your market or stores.

If you find the treats or food you currently have are not good for your kitty, don’t switch right away. Slowly transition them into it by giving them a small quantity of the new food along with the old and increasing it gradually.


Keeping their surroundings like food, litter and play area clean is as important as keeping their bowls clean. These areas can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Soaking their bowls with some soap and warm water for 10 mins once a week will keep the bacteria at bay.

The litter box and its surrounding areas should be cleaned every 2 days if not every day. My cat won’t do her business until I’ve removed all the treasure that she left me from the previous day.


Providing your kitty with a space of its own will not only give it a sense of security but also a place to relax. They love elevated spaces where they can watch you from a distance and at the same time have some privacy. If you are short on space, an open cardboard box will do the trick. Stack few boxes on each other for a more elevated space.

how to be a good cat Parent


What’s going on in your kitty cat’s mind? Most of the time its play, hunt, chase and exploration. Providing them with a stimulating environment and keeping them active is very important for their physical & mental wellbeing. Try and get at least a minimum of 30 minutes of play each day. Make sure they have toys and scratch posts so they can play by themselves when you are not around.

Kitty Notes

The love and care you give to your little hunters will come back to you in the form of licks, purrs, head butts, cuddles, kisses and so much more. Unspoken but true love & gratitude is what you have to gain. At the end of the day taking that extra step to help your furry friends is oh so worth it.

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