How to deal with giving away a cat?

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Giving away your cat is probably one of the most heart-breaking decisions you will ever make. You obviously don’t want to give away your feline friend, but you might have to, due to circumstances beyond your control. Whether you’re moving overseas or going to university, I’m sure you have your reasons for taking this route.

Quite naturally, giving away a cat is painful for both the cat and its owner. You may feel like you will never forgive yourself. But the good news is, you don’t have to be guilty for giving up your cat. Even though cats are never happy when rehomed, they quickly adapt to the new home. With a loving new owner, all the more quickly.

Here’s how you can overcome the negative feelings when giving away your cat:

Be gentle with yourself

There’s no denying that giving away your cat is a painful experience. But you don’t have to beat yourself up or wallow in sadness. Instead, know that you did everything you could to keep them with you. Give yourself a couple of weeks to get over the sad feeling. It’s important to focus on the positives. Trust that rehoming your cat was the right decision and hope that she is looked after well.

Understand that your decision has brought happiness to another home

If you feel like you can’t handle giving away your cat, take heart. Know that your cat will eventually adjust to their new home and for all you know, may live happier than ever.  After rehoming your cat, you have to believe that the next home will be the best place for them. Believe that your cat and their new owner are happy together.  Otherwise, you will simply be hurting yourself due to guilt.

Write a letter to your cat when you give them away

I know how weird it sounds, but just try it. Writing a letter can be one of the best ways to deal with the emotions when giving away your cat. Tell your cat how much you love them, how sorry you are, exactly how horrible you feel and why you had to do it. Pretend you’re a child talking to his cat. Place your head over the letter and cry if you have to. A moment of honesty and an emotional release will do you both good.

Will my cat miss me when I give him away?

Without a doubt!

Cats share an incredible bond with their humans. If you were looking after the cat and treated them well, they will surely miss you. That said, with enough love and care from the new owner, your cat will likely overcome the pain of losing you.


Cats are a lifetime commitment. Indoor cats depend on their owners not only for their survival and well-being but also for their identity. As a result, giving away a cat changes its world. When rehomed, cats can be stressed, uneasy, insecure and sometimes hostile. They are creatures of habit and so they get used to routines maintained by their owners. Rehoming a cat breaks their routine and forces them to adjust to a new schedule. This normally gets cats depressed, and they will not behave normally until they have fully adjusted to the new house.

New cat owners can help make this transition smooth by caring and accommodating till the cat settles down. One should allow the cat some time to readjust. They may also learn the cat’s routines and feeding habits from their previous owner. If they provide a similar environment and routine, it may be easier for the cat to get used to the new home.

All that said, don’t abandon your fur baby unless you absolutely have to. 

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