What are cats afraid of the most?

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Cats are extremely curious, always looking to explore and usually get spooked easily.

Our lovable scaredy cats are afraid of the most random things sometimes. Here are a few things that may scare your cat and put them in a state of fear.

Loud Noises

Whether it’s a loud thunder in the clouds or the vacuum cleaner, any sudden loud noise will surely spook your fur buddy. Sometimes we can’t control elements like the weather. The only thing you can do is provide comfort and be there for your cat. Creating a small hideaway or space in your closet will help give your cat a safe & more comfortable place to lay low until the storm has passed. This will help lessen their anxiety and fear.

New People & Animals

Cats get territorial and may get scared easily when you have guests at home, the handyman or the landlord. They tend to be on guard or runaway and hide. Some people may seem more intimidating than others to them. They could smell their dog or other pets the guest may have back home and be put off by the scent and make them cautious & territorial.

Giving your cat some space and letting them warm up to your guest works best in my experience. If you want to break the ice, give them treats close to your guest and eventually make your guest feed them, this works every time.


cats hate balloons

I was planning a birthday surprise for my partner and had about 25 helium balloons floating in my living room early in the morning. To my surprise my cat saw them and bolted the other way. She refused to come out until I removed all the balloons. She was completely freaked out for some reason. On doing some research I found out that balloons look like scary flying creature that hovers over them & may attack them at any time. They feel helpless as they have very little control over flying things. Those that are not spooked may prick the balloon while playing and get scared with the pop. Next time you plan a surprise party do a test run with your cats to see if balloons spook them or not. 

Holding them Down

Cats show affection in many ways but none of those ways involve holding them. They tolerate it as they learn it is a form of affection shown by humans. Holding or restraining a cat puts them in a state of panic. The next thing your cat will do is scratch you, bite you and bolt. Next time you want to show some affection to your cat, try slow blinks or just soft pets with scratches under their chin. Hug them tight and you will be amazed at how fast they disappear.

New Objects

Cats are creatures of habit and do not like change in their environment. Getting something small like a new lamp may scare your fur buddy. Your cat may think of this inanimate object as a threat. The next action you see will be your cat whacking the lamp a few times to see if the lamp attacks back. This will create a bit of anxiety and fear until your cat is satisfied the lamp is not a threat. Introducing everything new that comes home to your cat will help tremendously. Showing your fur buddy, the new lamp as you unpack it and creating a positive affirmative environment can speed up the process and eliminate fear of the new object.

what cats are scared of


They are scaredy cats but are very curious and courageous at the same time. With a little bit of support, positive affirmations and some comfort your cat will surely be much more adaptable and will trust that you have their best interest. Creating a trusting bond with your kitty will help them be more confident and happier.


Thanks for sharing. You're pawsome!

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