Why do cats go out at night?

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Similar to their ferocious counter parts in the jungles, cats are nocturnal animals. If your cat cries to go out at night, it’s dictated by their circadian rhythm and how nature intended them to be. They are active at night and sleep during the day. When you let your cat out at night, they go hunting and if you prefer to keep them indoors, they will simply race around the house keeping you awake.

What do cats do at night outside?

Cats are stealth hunters with an incredible night vision. In the quest for an ideal meal, they hunt on mice, lizards and small birds. Night time is ideal for cats to enjoy the solitude, free of people and cars. They carefully explore their surroundings, demarcate their zones searching for prey while being vary of predators.

Should I let my cat out at night?

Cat parents often wonder ‘Is it cruel to keep a cat indoors at night’

The answer to this really depends on the level of safety in your neighborhood. If you live in an urban setting, this obviously isn’t possible with all the cars and people out there. It’s simply not safe because most cats get killed in road accidents at night. Their curiosity might lead them into crawlspaces they can’t get out of or they may end up eating toxic food from dumpsters.

Not just that there are the dangers of getting into fights with stray cats. Stray and Feral cats may have parasites, ticks, rabies or any other disease. So, clearly you don’t want your cat to come in contact with them.

Even if you live in a rural area or a secluded neighborhood away from the busy roads, by letting your cat out at night, there is always the risk of getting attacked or killed by dogs, foxes, raccoons, bears or other deadly predators. They may also get lost or stolen. 

My Two Cents

Unless you have a gated yard with high boundaries that your cat cannot jump out of, it’s probably best to limit access to the outside world to keep them safe, healthy and live longer. Even if your cat wants to go outside it’s in your cat’s best interest to keep them indoors.

PS: Get your cat Micro-chipped if you let them out.

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