Why is my cat peeing on blankets and clothes?

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Woke up one day to find my kitty peeing on my freshly cleaned clothes that I left on the couch. As she saw me run down the hallway to confirm my horror at what I hoped was just my bad eyesight, she finished her business and hopped off the pile of clothes.

For a minute I was furious at her but then I realized she never did this before. Why is my cat peeing on my clothes all of a sudden?

Here are the reasons why your kitty is peeing on your clothes and blanket & How you can get your cat to stop peeing on your clothes and blankets

Clean Litter means a Happy Kitty

We all have days where we just cannot get out of bed. They may be Lazy days, sick days, or just days where you have been super preoccupied and haven’t got the time to check your kitties’ litter.

When this happens on a regular basis or every now and then your cat is sure to act out. I like to call it the “revenge kitty phase”. Peeing on your blanket, clothes, carpet, and plants are some of their favourite revenge locations.

Cleaning the litter every 2 days is a must. If you have more than one cat, it should be every day. Cats like their environment and litter box clean. Having a clean litter is essential for good kitty health and the key to a happy cat.

If you have recently changed the brand of litter from the one you use regularly, your cat may be trying to tell you that that’s a no-go & they don’t like it.

If you got the litter tray when your cat was a kitten or smaller your cat may find the litter box to be small now. Make sure you have the right size of litter box for your kitty’s size. A general rule of thumb is to get a litter box that is 1.5 times the length of your cat, the bigger the better.

We often choose the covered litter box to keep the odor in and to keep it out of sight. This may not always be appreciated by the furry minions. You wouldn’t like to enter a stinky bathroom, would you? The same goes for your cat. Make sure you provide good ventilation and keep it as clean as you can to avoid the smell from bothering them.

Some cats may not like where the litter box is placed. Try moving the litter box to a different location and observe if that location is a better fit for your kitty’s private dudu time :).

cat peeing on blanket and clothes

Health Concerns

When my cat was doing this, that was my only fear as peeing on clothes or blankets could be a cry for help. Medical problems like UTI, FLUTD, CYSTITIS, diabetes, etc can cause them to be uncomfortable and in pain.

Observing your cat for other symptoms will really help the vet and yourself figure out what the problem is. I highly recommend you to note down their eating, drinking, playing, peeing, and in general their behaviour and actions. Checking their urine colour, if they have any blood in them, do they seem like they are in pain while they pee will help find the cause.

Cats can also start peeing on blankets and clothes due to anxiety. They experience anxiety due to emotional, situational or location changes.

If it’s not something you changed in their surroundings recently and have no other explanation, I wouldn’t delay the vet visit.

Environmental Changes

One of the reasons I love cats is because they are just like me. They hate changes and don’t do well in a new environment. They need time to adapt to new surroundings & situations. Sometimes, they may even rebel against it and show you how much they hate it.

In my case, this was the reason my little Ms.Chonks was peeing on my clothes. We recently threw her favourite cardboard box which was barely a box anymore. I meant to give her the new one the next morning but I was a little too late. She greeted me the next morning with pee on my freshly cleaned clothes. Once the new box was placed, she marked it as hers, scratches all around, tail curled up, purring and happy. I observed her for a few days and to my delight, there was no more peeing and I was greeted with some leg rubs and tail hugs instead.

If you have recently had changes in or around your surroundings for example; changes in their food routine, location, guests, new baby, or new home it is essential you give them some space and time to come around. Help them adapt to the changes around them.

It is only natural for you to yell and come at them when you see them peeing on places they are not supposed to, like your blanket or clothes but try and keep in mind this only adds to their stress. They are small and these changes are huge for them.

You can help them by giving them their favourite toy or something that they always have had since they were kittens. Giving them lots of love and attention, hand feeding them food, introducing them to one room at a time if it’s a new home, giving them treats, and just being there for them will go a long way and help them adapt much quicker.

Marking their Territory

Another reason cats may pee on clothes or blankets is due to territory markings.

Introducing a new pet or guest may make your cat feel insecure and threatened. This may lead them to urinate and mark their territory. This makes them feel safe and makes their space smell more like theirs giving them a sense of security.

If you have a new pet joining your family, I recommend a slow introduction. Keep the new member in one room for some time and allow your cat to mingle with them for an hour at first. Gradually, increasing the time they spend together. Keeping separate litters, food & water bowls is a must. One litter for each cat is basic for multiple cat households.

cats hate balloons

Cat Whispers

Your kitty is trying to show you how it feels and looking for your attention to address it. Whatever the cause may be, keep in mind it’s a way for them to communicate and ask for help. Their unconditional love is priceless. Please be empathic and give them the attention they deserve.

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