10 Things to know before adopting a cat

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We found our fur ball hiding in a pipe in a nearby construction area. She ran up to my feet and looked up at me with her cute face.  I carried her up that day & haven’t left her since. I had a cat in my life & I had very little idea what I was getting myself into. So, here is a little inside view into what to look for when adopting a cat.

High Maintenance

It is commonly said that cats are known to be independent and low maintenance but that can’t be far from the truth. Cats are independent but they also require a lot of care and attention. Each one having their own unique personality may need more love than others. 

Regular care, grooming and health checks (vaccination & De-worming etc) are just some basic things to keep in mind before adopting a cat. Other than being cuddle buddies they also need a lot of play, stimulation and enrichment. Knowing their food habits and the nutrition required in their meals must be kept in mind as well. 


It is very important to provide your cat with healthy and nutritious meals. Being aware of what your kitty can and cannot eat is necessary for their safety.

For example, Garlic cannot be left out on the kitchen counter. Garlic is very toxic for them and could land your kitty in a lot of pain. However, watermelon is something they might love on a hot summer day and completely safe for them.

They are curious explorers

When I first got my kitty, she was just a few weeks old. She was and still is quite the explorer. Back then, she would go into everything, drawers, closets, big cooking pots, really anything she could fit into. Even my shoe. Tiny, feisty and the love for small spaces makes them hard to find at times. You can find them squeezing themselves into small holes and boxes that are too small for them.

Night Play

Cats are nocturnal and are extremely active at night. They instinctively like to hunt at dusk and dawn. When you are getting ready to tuck yourself in bed, your cat may have other plans. They sometimes zoom across the house repeatedly and are very active. Think of it like a burst of energy and that energy takes time to drain. All that play may disturb your sleep or get annoying in time.

Here is a small work around for that problem. My husband plays with our kitty just before bed time. He makes her run if not fly. This goes on for quite sometime until both of them are tired. This is more of a ritual in our home. It really helps keep our cat healthy and happy.

Collateral Damage

Cats love things that dangle, move & anything that looks like prey. They tend to knock stuff over too. Mine loves nibling on my xbox wires. She will also casually sit on the table next to my phone, look me dead in the eye and push it down.

My dads’ cat would push the alarm clock down every morning sharp at 7 am.  Waking him up and showing the alarm clock whose boss. Whatever their reasoning may be, expect things to break or fall.


Plants can be poisonous to cats and can harm them. Make sure you are aware of which plants are safe for cats and remove any harmful plants before you get your cat home. Cats love to dig into the soil and eat them. They may also pee on them to mark their scent.

Plastic covers & Rubber bands

Cats love going into plastic bags. They absolutely love the sound, the feel and the fact that they are hidden when inside it brings them a different level of satisfaction.

Unfortunately, there have been many incidents where cats have been injured while playing with plastic bags. The handles easily go around their neck and may hurt them. Some may suffocate if they are stuck in it. Supervision while playing with bags is a must.

Rubber bands is something that drives my cat bonkers. She will leave her favourite treat for it. We strongly advice you keep the rubber bands away from your kitty.

Rubber bands are a health hazard. If swallowed may get trapped in their stomach and could cause blockage in the intestine as well. This can be very painful for your cat.


It’s safe to say cats will take up a good amount of space in your home. Toys, litter boxes, beds, scratch posts and a lot more. Cats need places that are their own. The love to be by themselves, in their box or up the cat tree.


Cats may scratch your bed, sofa and other furniture. Providing them with enough scratch posts should take care of it. If you notice your cat scratching your leather sofa and not using the scratch post, you can spray it with some catnip and introduce it again. Your cat will surely form a liking to it and start using it in no time.


Bringing a cat into your home is the same as adding a new member to your family. Their food, toys, medical expenses are all a part of adopting a cat. Cats live anywhere from 6 to 12 years and sometimes more. You must be ready for this commitment as it can be heavy on your pockets. However, when your kitty does come home, thinking of expenses soon takes a back seat.


Cats are known to be good companions. They reduce stress levels and also help keep the home positive. When cats purr and snuggle with you they provide relief from anxiety, depression and lessen the chances of having a stroke.

No home is complete without these fur balls.

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