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Sigmund Freud once said “Time spent with cats is never wasted” but when you can’t spend time with them, you can always give them a toy to keep them company until you’re back.

Can cats play by themselves?

Cats can easily get bored with toys. They may play with them initially, but soon realize that the normal toy does not evoke their hunting instincts. They like to be enticed, tackle, chase and hunt the toy. Having a single cat with working cat parents can lead to some boring days for your kitty.


I work from home and Ms. Honey Chonks would want attention from me all the time. It would break my heart to not be able to spend time with her and see her pout and be grumpy. I decided to help her be more active and play on her own.

I got online and found a lot of toys for her to play with but only a few really helped her play by herself.


Here are some of the interactive toys for your indoor cats that they will actually play with when you are not around. These are the best toys for cats that are home alone as well.


Lasers have always been kitties arch enemy. The red dot and cats have a love-hate relationship. Generally, we would have to hold the laser button and move it around for them to chase it however we can now let them play on their own and keep them busy with this automatic motion-activated laser toy.

Rechargeable Motion Activated Cat Laser Toy Automatic,Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Kitten/Dogs/Puppy,Fast and Slow Mode,1200 mAh Battery,Adjustable Circling Ranges (Medium)

interactive toys for cats


PETLIBRO Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Automatic Cat Toys with LED Lights, Kitten Toys, Smart Electric Cat Mice Toys, Pet Exercise Toys, USB Rechargeable, Auto On/Off

This is one of our favourites. I cannot recommend this enough. Think of Tom & Jerry running around your house because this is going to be the Jerry for your kitty. It’s an electric mouse that doesn’t get stuck anywhere. It reverses itself and will keep moving until the battery dies out. Chasing this toy around the house with its unpredictable twists and turns will surely keep your kitty super active. This one is surely a cat-pleaser. ( Check out the Videos uploaded by happy cats on Amazon)


Interactive Cat Play-Catch The Tail-Electric, Rotating Feather , Motion, Automatic, Best Undercover Mouse Under Blanket cat Toy

This toy activates the anticipation and attack mode in your kitty. I assure you this is the toy your cat will beg you to start up in the morning and won’t look at you for the next 2 hours easily.

As per my experience, you will end up ordering 2 more just in case this one is destroyed. Yup, it’s that good.

cat playing with a toy
cats checking out an inflatable toy


A mouse that squeaks whenever it moves, making it the best pretend pray for your cat! The squeak is so realistic and life-like it can make even a senior cat turn back into a black-eyed kitten ready to pounce.

The tethered mouse is suspended from the top of a door and will dance and bounce with each playful swat of your cat’s paw. This toy is perfect for solo play because of the Real Mouse sound and catnip scent that keep your cat engaged in the ‘hunt’.

Cat playing with a toy

Kitty Says

Toys that are interactive keep your cat healthy both mentally and physically. We seem to get lost in our day-to-day work-life stress and routines. It can be hard to play with your cat every day. These toys provide activity and pull your cat away from boredom, help keep them active, happy & lets you get your work done.

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