My cat ate a baby lizard. What should I do?

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First off all don’t panic. Most house lizards are non-toxic and won’t be fatal to cats. That said, depending on your location, there might be some venomous lizards such as the Gila monster or other types of geckos in your neighborhood. In most cases, the poisonous lizards are native to dry and tropical areas. If your cat is acting weird after eating the lizard or should there be a cause for concern make a quick vet visit. The best course of action is to identify if it was poisonous.

Can cats eat lizards?

Cats are born predators and it’s quite natural for cats in the wild to hunt and prey on small birds, insects, geckos and lizards. However, colored lizards, like the Gila Monster are most often found in hilly areas and can be toxic to your cat. Then again, there are some non-colored venomous species too, like the black lizard which can be Neurotoxic. 

Gila Monster Venomous lizard for cats
Gila Monster

Cats are also at a risk of contracting Salmonella or other parasites called Liver fluke, which can potentially block the bile duct of the cat. While most of the time, cats simply vomit the lizard if it doesn’t go down well, it can make them severely ill in the absence of medical attention.

Liver fluke Symptoms

Liver fluke in cats is a parasitic worm found in the liver & bile duct. Symptoms include jaundice, vomiting, diarrhea, fever and lethargy. Without treatment, excessive ingestion of fluke can be fatal to cats.

How to get rid of Liver flukes in cats?

Vets often prescribe Praziquantel for cats and the dosage depends on the weight of the cat. It’s considered quite effective and it normally takes only a couple of hours to work.

Are there any side effects of Praziquantel for cats?

With the right dosage (as prescribed by your veterinarian) side effects of Praziquantel are rare and quite negligible. In most cases, its vomiting, loose stools, lowered appetite, drooling and drowsiness.


Most cats cannot resist something as small and mobile such as lizards and frogs. However, it may be a good idea to prevent your cat from eating lizards as in some cases cats have been known to puke all over the place, fall sick or choke on lizards.

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