What is Animal Communication?

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Animal communication is simply an ability to communicate through your heart & mind with an animal. The first time I heard about animal communication was from a movie. I’m sure many of you have heard about the movie Dr.Dolittle. If you haven’t, I suggest you watch all parts, it’s a fun family movie. In the movie Eddie Murphey (main lead) would help animals by communicating with them.

Everyone can practice and achieve this ability as you are already born with it. Imagine learning a foreign language and not practicing it for years, you will eventually forget. The same way most of us have forgotten this ability. Practicing and working on it will help you bring back the ability and successfully communicate with animals.

Is Animal Communication real?

For the longest time I believed that the movie was just a made-up theory and that talking to animals couldn’t be real. That it was nothing different than a super power or complete fiction.

Things changed when I heard about an animal communication class. I wanted to see if this had even a slight bit of truth to it. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t passing away an opportunity to speak to my cat.

I would love to know if my cat is happy, if there was anything she wanted, anything she wanted to tell me? What toy she wants or what she wants to eat?  Does she know how much I love her? But most importantly is she happy with me? These are the questions I think any pet parent would want answered.

After the animal communication class, I was still sceptical on my abilities but I witnessed some amazing animal communicators talk to animals. My scepticism disappeared when they talked to me about my cat. They were right, they were right about it all. It wasn’t a dream anymore. It wasn’t fiction. It was real and with practice and time I was able to communicate too.

Animal communication is nothing but Telepathic communication. This was never meant to be kept a secret or frowned upon. It is the most natural way to communicate with another being. Animals do it with each other all the time.

Cats “meow” to humans and never to each other. They speak telepathically. They meow at us because we have forgotten how to listen and speak to them.


What can animal communicators do?

Animal communicators can help locate your lost pet. If your pet is sick, they can find out how your pet feels and where it hurts. They can bring closure when your pet has moved on and help give a voice to your pet. These are just a few things; an animal communicator can do so much more. It really depends on the communicator and the situation.

They are really helpful when you have problems with your pet that you can’t resolve on your own and you need that extra help.

Helpful Tip

You are probably unaware but you are already talking to your pet on a daily basis. This tip is just to help you take it a notch higher. Imagine a golden chord originating from your heart to your pet’s heart. Take a few minutes to immerse yourself and feel the flow between both of you. Try showing or telling your pet its treat time using this telepathic chord and watch how your pet’s behaviour changes. Keep practicing and you will surely see the difference.  

Thanks for sharing. You're pawsome!

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