Why is my Cat sleeping so much lately?

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why is my cat sleeping so much lately

Why does my cat sleep so much?

Every cat has its own unique behaviour and sleeping pattern. Cats spend majority of their wake hours grooming and sleeping.

Outdoor cats sleep to preserve their energy and use it to hunt & survive. Indoor cats follow the same inherit tendency and use their energy during playtime & zoomies at night.

How many hours should my cat be sleeping?

It is normal for your cat to sleep anywhere between 12-18 hours a day. These numbers are just an average bracket. Kittens and senior cats sleep for 20 hours a day.

My cat sleeps for 12 hours on weekdays as she gets more playtime and 18 hours on our lazy Sundays. She sleeps an extra hour or two on days she has had her favourite sea food meals. It just means that she is satisfied and happy. Spending time and observing your cat will give you an idea of its sleep pattern.

Why is my cat sleeping so much lately?

Sleeping habits can tell you a lot about your cat. How content it is, If your cat trusts you and feels comfortable around you or if your fur baby is suffering silently and using sleep as a coping mechanism. If you notice your cat is sleeping more than usual look out for these possible reasons.

  1. Health Problems

Infections, Virus & bacteria can cause your cat to sleep more than usual. Keep an eye out for other symptoms like change in appetite, unusual discharge, weight loss, Lack of grooming & water intake. A vet visit may be in order.

  1. Weather

My cat sleeps more during cold seasons. She loves snuggling up in her favourite bed and can nap for hours at a stretch. The weather and temperature of their surroundings play an important role on how long your cat sleeps.  

  1. Boredom & Depression

Lack of play and stimulus can cause your cat to sleep more. Cats need at least an hour of play and one on one quality time. Making sure they feel loved along with a stimulating environment will surely keep them off their cosy bed and on your shoulders.

  1. Older Cats

Age catches up to everyone and cats are no different. Older cats need to rest more and that is completely normal. Older cats usually follow a set routine and like to stick to it. However, keeping them active is very important. Try and engage with them and play games that use less energy.  If you notice your older cat napping more than usual and is also showing other symptoms visit the vet immediately.

  1. Stress

Cats recuperate by sleeping. When we moved houses, my cat slept for straight 21 hours. Took your cat to the vet? Your cat could add a few hours to her napping schedule just to get over the stress.


Cats spend almost 2/3rd of their life napping. Sleep is like their way of healing. They wake up fresh, energized and ready for the day. Make sure your fur baby has a good bed and a clean environment to sleep in.

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