Can cats get jealous and run away?

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Thinking of bringing home a kitten for your lonely cat, Wondering if it’s a good idea or not? Or maybe you are worried about how your cat will react to a furry guest staying for a couple of days.

Cats have a bad rep, for being independent and selfish but the truth is far from it. They love, care and heal their loving family. Just like any family member, they get jealous and angry from time to time.

Do cats get mad at you?

It is possible to determine whether your cat is suffering from a respira

Each time my husband has come home after giving some love & pets to stray cats outside, Ms. Honey Chonks immediately is put off and mad at him. You can see the detest on her face as she moves away from him and ignores him completely.

Cats get very jealous and it can be caused by other pets, humans or even toys.

tory infection. The most basic symptoms of upper respiratory infection include lack of appetite, sneezing, coughing, lethargy, runny nose, fever, clear or colored discharge from the eyes or nose and sores around the nose, lips and on the roof of the mouth.  At times, your cat may experience difficulties when breathing. Upper respiratory infection in kittens are quite common.

Symptoms of Lower respiratory infection in cats include Anorexia, Lethargy, Coughing as well as increased or difficult breathing.

How to spot Jealous Behaviour in your cat

Identifying jealousy in cats can sometimes be tricky. They won’t always act out. Jealousy could be portrayed as anger, aggression, revenge, seeking attention, or acts like peeing on clothes etc.

Kitties are very territorial and possessive. Their space and family are parts of their territory. Introducing a new member or a new item in their space in the wrong way can make them feel insecure and jealous. They may start meowing really loud or completely ignore you and go into hiding. Kitty may start peeing all over the house to mark their territory.

Ms.Honey Chonks would throw everything down. Her food bowl, her toys and would just not react to us when we called for her. Instead, she would show us her back and sit like a cute grumpy baby.

jealous cat

Introducing a new pet member

If you are thinking of bringing home a new pet, I recommend doing a small trial round if possible, to see how your cat reacts to the new member. If your cat is hostile, starts hissing and waving her bean wand at them you may want to reconsider the adoption.

If you are going to go ahead and bring a new pet, make sure you introduce them slowly and gradually. Get them used to each other and keep them in separate rooms until they are both ok with each other’s presence. It is only natural to give more attention to the new pet you brought home but please give your furr baby a little more attention than usual as it will only help in their insecurities and bonding experience with the new pet.

You can also give both pets a toy of the other to familiarize them with each other’s scent. Eventually, they are bound to have a good relationship if you make sure they are equally cared for with lots of love and play. There is a high possibility they may even forget about you, at least until lunchtime.

Jealous of another human member

Cats are usually not jealous of other humans but there are always exceptions. Some cats have a bonded experience with one human or have spent more time with them. When a new member is introduced let’s say a spouse, new baby or a guest, your kitty may feel territorial.

They may sit and glare at the new member making them look like they are about to plot their death. Luckily, we have simple ways that can help change that.

How to get your kitty to like a new member


Start with treats. The best and quickest way to a kitties heart is its tummy. Giving them their favourite treat and slowly petting them every day works every time. Make sure you start feeding them their meals and changing their water as well.

Play Time

Play with them for 30 mins every day. Whether it’s throwing a ball or hide and seek, playing helps create a fun experience for them and shows them you are friendly and playful.

Talk to them

Talking to your cat in a nice soft toned voice will show them you are not a threat. Talking to them about your day is beneficial for both you and your cat. Asking them questions and letting them choose their food flavours will make them feel included and a part of the family.

Can cats get jealous and run away?

Do cats run away if they are unhappy?

If your cat feels neglected or has abandonment issues, your cat may run away.

When your floof is feeling down and neglected or doesn’t get the attention they need or used to get, they may seek attention elsewhere. They may feel unwanted, empty making them want more from life and explore what’s out there. If you are cat is unhappy or fearful around you, it is a high possibility your cat will run away.

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Cats are no different from humans. They need security, safety, love and care. It is never more complicated than this. Focus on simple & basic things and your Floof will surely appreciate it.

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