Can I turn my cat Vegan or Vegetarian? Can cats be vegan?

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Cats need a balanced diet the same way humans do. That said, they need a balanced diet that is suited to their needs. Meat is an essential part of their diet and cannot be substituted with any other supplement or products found in the market.

There are a few cat parents who are trying to put their cat on the same lifestyle they follow. Some cat parents who have decided to turn their life around and go completely vegetarian or vegan want to try and get their cats to do the same. Although, the thought comes from a good place, it is complete torture and will slowly kill your cat. Human diet cannot be applied to our furry little friends.



Taurine is an amino acid that is found only in animal meat. Cats need taurine to keep their eyesight sharp and healthy.

Taurine deficiency can cause your cat to slowly go blind. Retinal changes is one of the main signs your cat has taurine deficiency and could cause it to go completely blind or develop dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM- Heart disease). If your cat shows signs of retinal changes or vision problems. Visit the vet immediately.


Cats need much more protein than humans or other domestic pets. Meat provides the necessary protein & nutrients for their mental wellbeing, immune system and growth that can’t be found in a vegan diet.

Health Issues

Cats that have health issues (weak heart or kidney) need a special diet. We recommend taking the help of your vet and creating a diet that will help your fur bud come out stronger and healthier. A plant-based diet can deteriorate and do more harm to their health.

Skin, Fur & Weight

Cats needs omega -3 & omega -6 nutrients that can be found in fish like salmon or tuna. Check your cat’s skin and fur as they are a good indicator of your cats health. Clear skin & Shiny, smooth fur indicate good health. Deficiency in nutrients will cause your cat to starve and be underweight. Vegan diets cannot provide the necessary omega nutrients and your paw buddy could suffer from hair loss and skin disease.

My cat sometimes eats grass, is this a sign that he wants to go vegan?

Grass is a great source of vitamin. They give your cat folic acid that help with oxygen movement in their blood stream.

My cat eats watermelons, papayas, grass, spinach, bananas and many other fruits and vegetables. Cats love nibbling and trying new food but this does not mean they want to go vegan or vegetarian.


Cats are part of the same family as tigers, pumas or lions. These big cats cannot go vegan and neither can your little ones. They are carnivores and no matter how much you love them and consider them your family, they have different needs than you and me.

Make yourself aware of what your cat needs before making changes to their small little life. These changes may seem insignificant to you but impact them in a huge way.

If you cannot provide the right diet for your cat, please consider a pet like a rabbit or hamster that does not need meat or fish in their diet.

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