How To Keep Cats From Peeing In Houseplants?

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Kitties are one of the most lovable & cuddly pets one can have and make great companions; unfortunately, they’re also known for urinating on houseplants, causing your plants harm and eventually leading them to die. You may be at a loss as to how to stop this behavior. Fur babies like to use houseplants as litter boxes for many reasons.

One reason may be that it’s more private than the litter box. Second, it may give them the experience of the “nature feel”. Third, the soil in the pot may resemble the litter in their litter box. Regardless, we’re here to help you prevent your cat from using your plants as a peeing spot.

Why is my cat peeing in my potted plants?

Cats can be problematic when it comes to household plants. They will often urinate on them and cause plants to die. Luckily, there are some simple ways to prevent your cat from urinating in plants.

Little furry kittens are generally territorial and they may feel like your plants are invading their space. It is also possible for your cat to feel threatened by a potted plant as it can’t see what’s hiding beneath the soil. This may result in them digging into the soil and disrupting your plant.

Cats often urinate on potted plants because they are attracted to the smell of soil, which may bring wild instinctive behaviour around plants causing them to urinate. If your cat is urinating on your potted plants, you should limit their access to the plant.

Cats can feel uneasy when there is something new or different in their environment, and this could be causing them to urinate on your plant. However, if you’re still not sure why your kitty keeps urinating on your plants, consult a veterinarian for assistance.

How To Keep Cats From Peeing In Houseplants?

Is cat pee toxic to plants?

Cat urine is toxic to plants and affects the growth & health of the plant. When cat urine comes into contact with a plant, it affects how much water is taken up by the roots and how well those roots are able to uptake nutrients. This can lead to stunted growth and yellow leaves among other things. The best way to keep your plants safe is by investing in potting soil made specifically for indoor use.

These soils tend to be sterile so there’s no chance of any harmful bacteria being introduced. There are also commercial sprays you can use on your plant that have chemicals meant to keep kitties away as well as rodents and other pests like slugs or snails.

How do you neutralize cat urine in soil?

If the cat’s urine has soaked into the soil, then it is best to replace the soil with a fresh potting mix. If it is just on top of the soil, then use a mixture of 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 3 parts water and pour over the area. Next, pour baking soda onto the spot and leave it to set for about 20 minutes. Then, use the cloths or paper towels to soak up all of the liquid that you can. 

Cover the area with plastic wrap, put some weight on top (like bricks), and leave for 24 hours. The next day, remove the weights and plastic wrap, add new dirt or sand as necessary to cover any visible stains, cover the surface again with plastic wrap or tarpaper and weigh down as before.

This will help neutralize cat urine in the soil and help you maintain a healthy plant.

If you have an indoor plant that your kitty urinated on, there are a few ways to neutralize the urine before re-planting. The first step is to thoroughly rinse the soil off of the roots. Next, soak the soil for at least an hour in a solution of one-part white vinegar and three parts of water. This will help dissolve and remove any remaining traces of urine, as well as any smells. After soaking, rinse the pot again with fresh water and allow it to dry out before replanting.

A clean cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol may also be used as an alternative to vinegar, but be sure to follow up with a thorough rinse so it doesn’t hurt the plants when they are watered again. Some gardeners choose to use baking soda instead of either vinegar or rubbing alcohol, but this can increase acidity levels in the soil which can damage the plants’ root systems.


How To Keep Cats From Peeing In Houseplants?

How to keep cats out of potted plants?

When you have indoor plants and felines, there are a few steps to take to protect your plant life.

  • Cover the pot with a layer of stones or gravel, making it harder for them to reach the soil.
  • Add citrus peels like oranges, lime or lemons around the pot. This will help create an immediate repelling smell that will make your fur buddy want to avoid the potted plant completely.
  • Use plastic sheeting over the top of the pot so there’s no way for them to jump on top.
  • Use other plants near your target plant as camouflage – if they can’t see it, then they’ll be less likely to go after it!
  • Strategically positioning soapy water into dishes around the plant. Placing these dishes around the potted plant makes it harder for your mischievous kitty to reach it.
  • Others have reported luck with peppermint spray on plants to deter cats as well as spraying them with spray bottles filled with water for plants.
  • Little fur buddies like to mark their territory, which is why it might be a good idea to give your kitty its own plant. Separate plants from the rest of your home and keep them out of high-traffic areas. You can also try spraying your plants with natural urine deterrents like citrus or vinegar, placing aluminum foil underneath the plant.
  • Placing your pots or hanging them at a height works best, as they are unreachable, and keep them both safe.

How to stop cats from peeing in the garden?

If your fur baby is urinating on a potted plant, or outdoors in the garden, try adding some citrus peels to the soil. Kitties don’t like the smell of citrus and will steer clear of those plants. If they are only peeing outside, you could buy a motion detector sprinkler system so it sprays and keeps them away when they come close.

Finally, if they are still not discouraged after trying these methods try and move all your plants to one side of the garden and restrict your cats. It’s not an easy task to stop cats from peeing in the garden, but these methods should give you some relief until you can find a more permanent solution.

How To Keep Cats From Peeing In Houseplants?

Cat Notes

Indoor domesticated cats love plants whether it’s chewing on them, frantically digging into them, or peeing on them. A home is not completely a home without either of them.

Please be mindful of plants that are toxic to cats and can cause serious harm to them if ingested. We appreciate those who love plants and add nature around them as much as possible. Try out these tips and let us know if you have any that we missed!

Thanks for sharing. You're pawsome!

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