Why do cats purr in the morning?

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Why is my cat so affectionate in the morning?

Purring is one of the simplest signs to tell if your cat is happy. My cat loves to cuddle and purrs her heart out in the mornings. Any other time of the day not as much. Some cats even have a routine and wake their parents up at 3 am or 4 am. Here is why they do that and why your cat can’t get enough of the cuddles early in the mornings.


Cats need affection, more than you think. When you go to sleep for 6-8 hours, they miss you. They miss your warm hugs and have been waiting patiently for you to wake up. They start purring just thinking about the love they are about to receive. When they can’t take it any longer, they barge in purring to show you how much they have missed you.


Cats sleep for about 12-18 hours a day and we need just half of that. Your sleeping patterns are different than that of your kitty’s. Cats are more active during the night and early mornings. This is one of the reasons they are eagert to spend time with you at that time of the day. They have just had an amazing fun filled active few hours and its now time for them to relax and spend time with its human.

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My cat wakes me up purring when she is hungry and needs me to get out of bed. When I don’t wake up, she takes things a notch up by dropping things to the ground. After a cracked phone screen, I’m happy to tell you that she has trained me well. I now wake up with her purr and licks immediately.

Waking up to your cat purring & licking you may be cute at first but after a while it can easily make you want to cry for more sleep. If you don’t wish to be trained by your cat and want some peaceful snooze time all you have to do is not react. Your cat observes what gets you out of bed. In my experience it takes about a week to get out of most bad habits with a pet. When your kitty realizes that it isn’t working, she will eventually stop. If your kitty wakes you up for food, try changing their feeding schedule. Make sure you understand why your cat is waking you up. It will help give both of you some relief.


Cats love warm, cozy and soft areas to take a nap. When you sleep for 6-8 hours straight it makes your bed a cat magnet. They find your bed warm and comfy. They purr simply because they love the warmth and proximity to you in the bed.


Usually, cats purr to show you they are content and want to share that love with you. They are looking for some attention, kisses and lots of love. If your cat does not usually purr in the morning and is also showing other symptoms like yowling, not eating, staying in the same position or any other signs may mean that your cat may be sick is purring to relieve the pain it is in. Keep an eye on your kitty and take it to the vet if things don’t look good.

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