Why is my cat biting me all of a sudden?

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Cats have only few ways to communicate and draw your attention. The most natural way for them, is to bite you. It may be soft love bites or aggressive and violent ones.

Why is my cat biting me?

Cats will almost always give you warning signs before they attack. These signs will help you understand why your cat is biting you.

Medical Aggression

Your cat may be suffering from arthritis, neurological problems, dental pain, infections, tummy aches and a lot more. Due to this discomfort, cats that have always been calm & relaxed could suddenly start biting you. 

Your cat may be crying out for help and is biting you to tell you that something is wrong.


Just like lions and other big cats, cats are territorial as well. If there is a new addition to your family or you have a guest over, your cat may feel threatened by them.

New Home

Moving to a new house may cause anxiety and stress to your cat. The new house may smell of a pet that was living there before or maybe your cat needs time to settle in & make the new home its own. Giving them some space and time to settle down will help.

To move your pet to a new home stress free follow the  No stress guide for moving cats to a new home How to settle a cat after moving house.


Petting induced aggression is quite common. In the wild, cats greet each other by rubbing their face or their body against each other. This lasts for not more than twenty seconds. Repetitive petting for a long time may not be liked by you kitty. Sometimes we assume our cat wants to be pet but in reality, your kitty just wanted to greet you and check up on you.

Your cat will surely give you signs that it has had enough. If you don’t read them right, your cat will have no choice but to give you a literal sign that could mean biting you.

External Stimulus

Cats unlike humans are in tune with nature. They can sense things before us and can be affected by activities & changes outside your home. They may have pent up energy not being able to chase those squirrels, birds or the neighboring cats they watch from the window. This may cause them to unleash themselves on your innocent feet.


Cats love their play time. It allows them to express their natural instincts like hunting and stalking. They get to use their paws, claws and their senses. When they bite during play, they are completely in their natural state and are unable to draw the line between play and hunt. They can’t be entirely blamed but can be taught not to bite during play. It may take some time to teach cats that are used to this behaviour but it is not impossible.

When they use their claws or teeth, give them a toy to bite instead. Discourage their behaviour & encourage them with treats and lots of affection when they don’t bite

Last Bite

If you are unable to determine what is causing your cats’ aggressive behaviour, consult your vet. Once you have ruled out any medical conditions, you can consult a behaviourist who can help resolve the problem your kitty is facing.

Giving your cat some space and observing it from a distance may shed some light to why your kitty is being aggressive.

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