Can cats drink Coconut Milk?

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There is no denying that coconuts are nature’s gift to mankind. Growing up, if I had to drink coconut milk instead of the regular one, I’d probably take that any day. However, with our pets, it’s a different story.

Now, before I go on a rant, if you’re in a hurry & wondering “Can I give my cat coconut milk”?

The short answer is No.

Why you shouldn’t give coconut milk to cats?

To avoid boring you, I’ll try to keep the food science to a minimum.

First off, Coconut milk is not coconut pulp mixed with regular milk. Coconut milk comes when you strain the combo of ground fresh coconut meat, mixed with water.

Coconuts are full of saturated fat. While it might seem like the most tropical drink ever, a cup of coconut milk has something like 450 calories with about 50 grams of fat. Not the healthiest option for your cat.

Is coconut milk toxic to cats?

Coconut milk (in small quantities) is not dangerous to cats. However, in general cats don’t particularly enjoy coconut milk as their gut can’t process the plant-based oils & fats well.  

Coconut milk made at home is usually free of preservatives or added flavors. So, while it’s okay to let your cat taste test your exotic drink, it’s best to keep it to a minimum and offered rarely.

Quite frankly, it doesn’t provide any meaningful nutrition to them. In fact, they may get an upset stomach, diarrhea or vomit if they over-dose on coconut milk.

Store bought coconut milk is worse still with added flavors and preservatives. As you can probably imagine, the chemical preservatives in store bought coconut milk cannot be good for cats and therefore best avoided.

Can cats have coconut milk ice cream?

Ice cream in general is not safe for cats because they contain artificial sweeteners. They add an organic chemical called Xylitol to most sweeteners, which can be fatal to cats. Some pet owners still do give their cats ice cream (hopefully occasionally) but to put our minds at ease, it’s best not giving them a commercially bought ice cream.

Coconut ice cream contains an unhealthy combination of sweet cream, milk and coconuts. As discussed earlier, there are no nutritional benefits in giving cats something that’s high in saturated fats.

If you must, I’d recommend an ultra-small serving of home-made all-natural ice cream with crushed fruit and no added sugar.

Can cats have coconut milk yogurt?

Since cats are lactose intolerant, it’s not un-common for cat owners to experiment with their diet. Having said that, some cats do enjoy all types of yogurt. If they have the taste buds for it, an occasional tiny portion of unsweetened coconut milk yogurt is okay to give your cat.

Can cats drink coconut water?

Coconut water is a mineral-rich drink for humans to quench their thirst on a hot afternoon. Whereas regular water is a better option than coconut water for a dehydrated cat.

The high potassium content in coconut water is not necessarily good for your cat. As one of the leading causes of Hyperkalemia in cats is due to elevated potassium levels in their bodies.

Wrap up

To be perfectly honest, when there is no shortage of healthy alternatives, I see no reason to offer cats a drink that’s high in saturated fats or ice creams loaded with artificial sweeteners. When it comes to your pets, it’s always better to be safe.

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