How to know if my cat is happy?

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Cats have many different ways of showing how happy and content they are. Each one is different than the other. So, how to tell if your cat is happy or sad? Here are some tell-tale signs your cat shows they are truly pawsome and happy to be with you.

Signs your cat is happy

Talkative Meow

Kitties that are happy are very talkative. They will try to have a say in everything you do for them. Concentrate on their pitch. If you hear your kitty with a low meow, your kitty is not completely content and may have something on its mind.

A high pitch Meow on the other hand almost always is an excited and happy cat.

Play Time

Play is a sure-fire sign your fur ball is happy. We play a lot of games with our gamer kitty to help keep both her mind as well as body active.

If you notice your cat losing interest in play, it’s a sign they could be bored. Mix it up a little. Introduce games that will help your cat’s natural instincts kick in. Games that help engage their mind will help them be more interactive, healthy & happy.


Food is one of the best indicators of a happy cat. In fact, food is so important that your kitty will get you out of bed and escort you right to her bowl if it’s empty. Mine doesn’t even let me take a detour to the bathroom. She rubs against me and guides me in the direction of her food bowl.

A cat losing its appetite or over-eating could be a sign of boredom or sickness. If you notice a sudden drop in their appetite, a vet visit may be in order.


Purring is another sign your cat is very content and comfortable with you. If you’ve gone the extra mile and created a warm and comfy space, your kitty is sure to purr a lot as they love the comforts of life.

However, cats may also purr when they are stressed or hurt. Purring gives them a sense of comfort. If you hear your kitty purr at times she wouldn’t normally, something’s surely up!


A kitty that greets you with a loud meow while rubbing its furry coat against your leg is a happy and loving kitty.

Cats have different ways of greeting their family. They may meow incessantly or may not let you take another step forward until you pick them up. If you observe carefully, they will be sure to tell you how they feel as soon as they see you.

I had to leave my cat alone for 3 days. When I returned, I was expecting a warm and loving welcome but turns out she was mad at me for having left in the first place. So, they can be quite unpredictable with their moods. However, one sincere apology and a few treats later, she was back to being my loving fur ball.

Head Butts & Rubs

Cats are very territorial and find comfort in their own space. Whatever they rub against or head butt is their property. They rub against your shoes to eliminate any other scent and establish theirs.  If your furry companion is happy and content, she will surely rub against you or head butt you throughout the day.

Kneady Kitties

Kittens knead their mother to promote relaxation and derive their milk easily. Cats continue this behavior much into their adult life as it relaxes them and makes them feel good. This is a sign your kitty is healthy and happy.


Cats are curious creatures. Cats that show interest in their surroundings and in activities that happen around the house are happy. Showing interest and exploring things around them are good signs as well.


Grooming is an extremely vital part of a kitty’s life. They spend almost 4 to 5 hours a day grooming themselves. If your cat grooms you alongside grooming themselves, take that as a sign that they consider you family.

You will see your kitty’s grooming habits decline if your cat is ill or unhappy.

Belly on top

Exposing their belly is a sign of complete trust and happiness. It’s another of saying they are happy, feel secure around you and in their environment.

Cat showing belly

Slow Blinks

Cats are always alert and rarely bring their guard down. Having said that if they trust you and feel secure, they will slowly blink at you indicating that they are happy.

Happy Cat Body Language

Body language varies from paw to paw. Generally, A cat’s tail in the form of a question mark means they are happy and everything is normal. Just another day in the cat hood. However, if the tail is not high up it may indicate a sense of fear and discomfort in the environment.

Dilated eyes may be a sign of excitement and joy seeing their favourite toy or treat. Ears pushed back is a clear sign of a stressed and anxious kitty. The more you observe your kitty, the more you will learn about their behavior.


Spending time and observing your little furry friend will help you understand your kitty better. This will help form a special bond between you and your kitty. A happy cat keeps a home positive and energetic.

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