Can Cats Sense Bad Energy?

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Cats are one of the most mysterious creatures on the planet. It’s true that feline research has made it easier for us to perceive our furry friends, but there is still so much we don’t know about cats. Despite the ambiguity, we know that cats have certain abilities like knowing when we are sick, sad or anxious.

Cats are picky by nature. While many cats hold nothing back when they display affection, in many households, winning a cat’s affection is nothing less than a competition even among family members. They are quite independent and are not invested in creating a bond with multiple people. That said, cats seem drawn to some people better than others.

How do cats know if a person is good or bad?

Cat owners report how a cat can either be friendly or aloof to a stranger. It is believed that this difference in behavior might be a result of cats being able to sense bad energy. However, science has yet to prove this. But, considering feline behavior through history, it is clear that they do exercise their other senses and the ability to perceive our energy field that makes them an excellent judge of human character.

If you think about it, it’s no different from you being able to tell when a friend is upset, who is otherwise quite upbeat. Good people have a high vibe and bad people vibe at a lower level. And cats can readily sense that, which explains why cats like some humans but not others.

Can cats sense bad people?

Absolutely. Felines are experts at picking out like-minded people and steering clear of others. Cats can sense bad vibes in people that’s why they stay away from certain people or even attack them in certain situations. My cat can definitely sense evil in a person and she tries to stay a good room or two away from them while making sure they are not harming me.

What else can a cat sense about humans?

Research tells us that cats understand most human emotions and behaviors. They have the ability to feel what their favorite human is feeling – through facial expressions, behaviors, and scents given off due to hormone changes. And, each cat responds differently to each human emotion. It’s not uncommon for cats to be by your side or sit on your lap when you are sad or anxious. It’s a cat’s way of comforting their human.

If you happen to fight before a feline, you might notice that they tend to mimic the behavior. In such a situation, cat owners report how they have been bitten or distracted in some other way by their cats. I believe cats do this in their owners’ best interest, to distract them from becoming overly consumed by negative emotions.

Why do cats like some people but not others?

Cats have their own unique personalities similar to dogs and horses. And, how a cat behaves with a human is largely dictated by a cat’s personality. So, when a cat begins to like some people better than others, it might be due to their own personality traits. For example, if a cat has a quiet personality and enjoys peace, they are most likely to become friendlier towards similarly quiet people. Conversely, a more extroverted cat who enjoys action might be attracted to loud and active people.

Can cats sense when something is wrong?

It’s believed that cats can foresee certain events such as an upcoming natural calamity. In the past, it has been documented that cats could sense tremors ahead of time, which later turned out to be true.

Can cats sense evil spirits?

Ancient Egyptian people certainly thought so. They considered cats to be sacred and they were worshipped for this ability. They believed that cats have the ability to fend off evil spirits as pre-historic Egyptian drawings and other records seem to suggest. According to anecdotal reports or isolated events, some cat owners even seem to think that cats have the ability to see the paranormal. Cats sometimes display unexplainable behavior such as staring into space or trying to hit something non-existent. And, given their ability to feel vibrations, see more, and hear more than us, it is a possibility that they might even be sensing evil spirits.


Although cats’ ability to sense bad energy is still a mystery, it should be noted that they do possess additional senses. With this gift, they have the ability to understand humans even better than ourselves.

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