Top 10 Ways Your Cat Shows You Love

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As an animal communicator, I have been so fortunate to witness pure love, love that has no bounds. They may be stubborn little brats at times but their love for you exceeds any trouble they might give. When you share a mutually respectful and loving bond with your cat they will love you till the end.

Many cat parents have one common question, does my cat love me and is my cat happy?

To help you answer this here are my top 10 ways your cat is showing you they love you and are content with you. Cats may not be able to tell you verbally how they feel but they always try and find ways to show you.


Cats will show they trust you and love you by showing you, their belly. When they show you their belly they are telling you they are comfortable and happy around you. Not everyone gets to see let alone touch their soft furry belly.


Observe your cat’s tail when they walk towards you. If its up & like a question mark or hooked guess what? They are approaching you with love and are happy to see you. Tails can tell you a lot about how your cat is feeling. If their tail is low touching the ground, they feel unsafe, something may not be right and they may be scared.



Cats will follow you around the house and show interest in what you are doing. They will make sure you notice them or they could simply keep an eye on you from afar.

If your kitty kat travels with you from one room to the other, sits under the TV while you watch a movie, jumps on your refrigerator while you cook or naps next to your laptop while you work, you have a strong and loving bond. It just means that your cat can’t get enough of you and wants to be around you all the time.


When I spend some quality time with my cat, she feels so much love that she doesn’t know how to show it. She immediately starts softly biting my fingers and sometimes kicks her hind legs while biting. We lovingly named this act as “Kickeroo” because she looks like a kangaroo trying to kick us.

This is nothing but their way of showing you they love you and want to be as close to you as they can.


Rubbing against you is their favourite way of showing their love. They mostly rub against the leg and leave their scent on you. This is your cat’s way of claiming you and making sure other animals are aware you are taken.

They may rub against your back, head-butt you, rub against each leg as you walk across the hallway.


Purring can mean many things. Cats purr when you groom them, when they need some healing, when they feel cold and could be for other reasons too. When your cat purrs around you it is a sign, your cat is showing you their love and this love is coming to you from the core of their heart.


top 10 ways your cat shows you love

Ever wondered why your cat keeps staring at you? This is how they show their affection for you. If you notice your cat staring at you and blinking slowly, your cat is telling you they love you. That’s the best sign if you ask me. They choose to tell you they love you in their own way. They don’t need to but they go that extra mile to make sure you know.

Slow blink back at them to show them you understand and feel the same way. You can initiate the stare and slow blink to tell your cat you love them and trust them too.


Cats love hunting and it takes them effort to find & hunt their prey whether it’s a toy, rat or an insect. When they bring you their hunt it is a gesture to show that you are family and you are worthy of sharing their hunt. Beware they may gift you toy rats or even live ones.


When you pet & groom your cat and both are in this loving state, your cat may start pushing their paws on you as though he is kneading flour to make biscuits. This comes from when they would knead their mums for milk. This is their way of saying you are my family and I love you right back.

My cat kneads and suckles on my shirt or blanket. So much that she makes holes through them. This is normal and just means they are in a state of pure happiness.


Cats are territorial and they will scratch & rub to leave their scent & mark. This is just to show their ownership and mark their territory.

When your cat bites you or rubs against you they are just saying ‘I loves you, you are mines’


These are just a few ways I show you my love, all you need to do is spend time with me and love me. I will make sure you know how much I love you. Be open and listen from your heart. You will have all your answers. 

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Thanks for sharing. You're pawsome!

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